Welcome Washington-Lee High School Class of 1965 Classmates!!

We had a wonderful time at our 50th!! A link to photos will be posted here shortly - we're having some techie difficulties since the link was already posted on our class Facebook page and will only allow Facebook users to view it...

Lonnie Martin provided a great mix of late 50's to mid-60's music for us Friday night using Spotify. He can share his 150+ song playlist with classmates who have a Spotify account. Just join for either a free or paid subscription and let Lonnie know your username at lonnie.martin8@gmail.com

A BIG thank you to the following classmates who donated funds to keep the 50th Reunion ticket price at $115 per person, same as for our 45th:

Terry Britt, Mike Connellan, Ellen (Edwards) Tunstall, Terry Elliott, Jon Friedman, Bob Hubbard, Philip Lentz, Lonnie Martin, Nelljean McConeghey, Dave McConnell, Kathy Monahan, Chris Mudd, Kris (Olson) Denzin, Carla (O'Neill) Wood, David Rigby, Noel Sarvis, Sue (Taylor) Bulk, Bob Todd and Art Witters!

Thank you to Margaret Ewert who donated several items for prizes, including two beautiful pieces of jewelry she designed and made. Thanks also to Ken Barker for donating a book of enchanting beach and sun photos from NC.

We have such generous and thoughtful classmates!!

Classmate Bobby Bates has a special reunion perspective to share with us:

Reflections and Projections WL Class of '65 - Bobby Bates

Special place, special time and so many special people!  We had a wonderful start to our lives.  Our presence at the 50th reunion proves accomplishment and success; "... nice to meet an old friend and talk about the old hometown a million miles away..."  (Gordon Lightfoot)

I am remembering the great classes and those who helped us get through them:  Col. Thiebaud (math); English... I still can't spell; History without the History Channel; Band and Choir at the National Cathedral... "Oh, la, hear that fine echo.  Call, you will hear an answer..."; Sports and outside activities were more important than we thought at the time.

Comments in our yearbooks, so insightful.  We were so nice to each other.  So many comments and observations came true.

Memories outside of school:  Great Falls and the Jumps still on my bucket list; the Shenandoah River trip in the Spring of '65 from Luray to Harper's Ferry and that waterfall; JFK's Inauguration and what sadly came later; living near Arlington Cemetery, in my case, hearing three shots and sometimes twenty-one.

After class we went our own ways, from Emerald Isle to that great western bay.  But still in freeze-frame pictures I see Ford's Theater, Georgetown, the boat house, the museums and monuments.

My dad taught me to drive in D.C.  "If you miss your turn go to the next circle and go around until you find your way."  I still do that to this day.

Projections:  At the reunion so many taking pictures (please send me some!); exchanging emails and phone numbers with promises to stay in contact.  Make it happen!  Treat new friends you meet like we treated each other.  Give them a chance to be significant.  Help others plan their futures for herein is security.  Families are so scattered in these babyboomer times.  Chosen friends become family in effect.  What holds you together holds those around you together which, in turn, holds you together; i.e., the circle of life.

Until our circles cross again, here's to new memories!


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Our 45th was also wonderful! Check out the photos from 2010 taken by John Lowe's wife Alicia:





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