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year book ad not used
W-L 10th grade chorus
Exchange Sr. Year with Toronto
Gifford's Menu - Sent in by Paul Rucker
Gifford's Ice Cream! - Sent in by Paul Rucker
A little jazz for us!
Madrigals at 40th Reunion
Carl Anderson, Lance Graham, Glenn Dunlap, Howard Harvill and Clayton Day at a later reunion in D.C.
Glenn Dunlap, Howard Harvill, and Karl Netting with medal and programs from 64’ Henley
Glenn Dunlap, Howard Harvill, Clayton Day and Karl Netting with Trophy
Glenn with trophy at Henley reunion
50th reunion of W-L winning at Henley
Roger Courtney and his wife Jane at her High School Reunion in Martinsburg, WV
Four sevenths of 1965 W-L State Championship Cross Country Team: L/R Kevin Gilead, Dave Parrish, Dr. Earl Henderson, Kenneth Barker, August 2010. Camping, hunting & gathering, South Fork, Shenandoah River.
1965 Graduation Booklet
1985 20 Year Reunion Photos
Senior Beanies!
Senior Court - Photo by Guy Bralley
Shorts Day Fundraiser
Cafeteria (1)
Campus Path
Front Entryway
Front Entryway - Cold Morning
Gymnasium (1)
Gymnasium (2)
Library (1)
Library (2)
South Side of Campus
Physics Class
Study Hall
Seven of the nine members of the 1964 State Championship Cross Country Team: (top, l-r) Jon Friedman, Tom Barnett, Ken Barker, (bottom, l-r) Bob Todd , Dave McConnell and Dave Parrish. Taken at the 50th Re-union
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